How to Choose a Glove

Along with how to choose the right bat, one of the most frequent questions parents ask us is “How do I know which glove to buy?” Whether you are a beginner or advanced level player, this question relies on many factors. Do you play baseball or softball? What type of webbing do you want? Which brand do you like?

The most important consideration when choosing a glove is which position you play. Each position has different characteristics and each glove has a unique design and size.

The following are 5 questions to help guide your decision:

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Back to School Nutrition: 5 Helpful Tips

It’s back to school, back to work… back into routine. No more carefree summer attitude. Once ‘Labour Day’ hits its time to get into your regular schedule. For many, this routine means racing against the clock, trying to balance work and family responsibilities. And sometimes with all this busyness, the most basic element of health – nutrition, is overlooked.

Nutrition is important to people of all ages but is particularly essential for children. Children need the proper nutrients to grow and develop, to prevent nutrient deficiencies such as low levels of calcium and iron and to protect from diseases such as heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis. Children who eat healthy are more likely to be able to concentrate better in school, have energy for physical activity and most importantly – are more likely to carry these healthy eating habits into adulthood.

This fall, consider taking a step back from your routine and take a fresh look at the foods that you and your family eat. The following are 5 helpful tips on how to improve your family’s eating habits:

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Participation Awards in Sports: What’s best for the athletes?

At North Toronto Baseball Camp, our goal is to create the best possible experience for each and every camper. We strive to achieve this by creating a balance between high quality baseball instruction and having fun. Throughout the week, we give out small prizes to campers who have worked hard during drills, games, and competitions.

This past week, NFL player James Harrison made headlines as a result of his view on providing participation trophies to athletes. Harrison’s comments went viral after he posted a picture to social media stating that he took away his children’s awards as he felt they shouldn’t be rewarded for merely participating.

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Free to Play: The Psychological and Social Benefits of Physical Activity for Children

In today’s technological society — that involves texting, Facebook-ing, and Instagram-ing — Canadian children are engaging in less physical activity than ever before. Canadian children partake in much more “screen time” — such as watching TV, playing video games, and using the computer — then in generations past. Using a national physical activity report card, researchers have demonstrated high rates of physical inactivity amoung children and youth. Due to competing social pressures, adolescent girls in particular are the least likely to be physically active.

The benefits of physical activity for children’s physical health are well known. In addition to helping children to maintain a healthy body weight, engaging in physical activity improves many other physical health indicators, such as motor coordination, flexibility, accuracy, and lung function to name a few.

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Power Rankings: All-Time Blue Jays

There have been many, many great Blue Jays over the years. Division championships, pennants, and World Series Trophies have come to Toronto throughout their 38-year history. Ranking the greatest players in Blue Jays history is an incredibly tough task. I gave it my best shot. Alas, my non-definitive of the top 10 Blue Jays players of all time.

  1. Devon White

 We kick off this list with a fan-favourite, the one they called “Devo”. Devon White arrived in Toronto in 1991, having already established himself for several years on the west coast, with the California Angels. On the offensive side of the ball, White could always steal you a base, and he actually had quite a bit of power. Yet overall, you could chalk Devo up as a league-average hitter, at best. White was probably miscast as a leadoff hitter, as he was never known as one who could get on base all that often. What puts White on this prestigious list is, of course, his centerfield defense. White was an absolute pleasure to watch patrol the outfield, combining incredible range with a knack for getting a good jump off the bat. He made some of the most breathtaking catches in Blue Jays history, including his scaling of the wall during the 1992 World Series, which should have led to a triple play, if not for a missed call from the infamous umpire, Bob Davidson.

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Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

The following are our Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions. If we missed anything, please let us know!

  1. What do campers need to bring each day?

Equipment: Campers should bring the following equipment: a baseball glove, a protective cup, athletic clothing, running shoes or cleats (plastic spikes only), sunscreen and a hat. While baseball pants are not required, athletic pants may be a good idea for sliding. In terms of shoes, baseball cleats are optional. Some campers find it more comfortable to wear running shoes throughout the day. As well, campers are allowed to bring their own bats or helmets, although all items coming to camp should be labelled.

Lunch: Campers must being their own lunch, snacks and water bottle. We will provide coolers of water throughout the day and some Gatorade in the afternoons.

Please note that we are a nut free camp and please ensure that all lunches and snacks do not contain nuts.

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Tips for Interviewing for Camp Jobs

For many teenagers, a counselor role at a day camp is the first time you’ve had a job. It is also the first time you’ve had to submit a cover letter or resume, as well as have an interview. It can be a daunting experience as you battle your nerves and attempt to market yourself to a potential employer. In order to help you be successful, the following are our top 3 recommendations for applying for a camp job.

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How to Choose A Bat

One of the most frequent questions parents ask is, “How do I know which bat to buy my son or daughter?” If you go into a sports store these days, you will see rows of metal and wood bats and it can be difficult to know what you need. Here are some tips on how to choose the right bat for you!

Which store should I go to?

We recommend you go to a store which specializes in baseball, as opposed to a department store. Bats can be an expensive purchase, so it’s nice to speak to sales staff that have more experience to provide appropriate advice. For example, Home Run Sports ( is an excellent source for both metal and wood bats.

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